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Hello my name is Rhonda A. Bolden, CNHP better known as

"The INNERgizer".


I have been an Herbalist and Wholeness Consultant over 23 years and

I am a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional).  


I have been truly blessed to IMpact thousands of Women and Men across the

country to be PROACTIVE and not reactive with their Health!

(Some of my Clients have included:  LES Brown/ Vanessa Bell Armstrong/

Dottie Peoples/ Darwin Hobbs/ Brenda Ellis/ Donnie McClurkin/

Bishop Long/ The Thomas Whitfield Singers/ Steven Lawrence/

The Potter's House Choir/ Numerous Bishops ... Pastors ... Leaders/

Business owners and many many more)

Rhonda with one of her clients - The Legendary Vanessa Bell Armstrong!

Rhonda and Client - Vanessa Bell Armstrong 12-2014 pic

I Teach others how to Eradicate and help Eliminate Sickness, Stress and

Lack (of money, love, joy, peace, passion, direction etc.) out of their Lives once and for all.


Statistics say that 80-90% of Diseases begin in the Colon and are Preventable!

(Over 30,000 sweet Children die daily from Preventable Diseases...what a shame)


Also Statistics say about 2,200 people die daily of Cancer around the world

and I have been ComMISSIONed for The MISSION to help reduce those numbers

as much as possible 

(and I'm looking for other Kingdom IMPACT Change Agent to help me do the same)!


If you would like to:



-Cleanse your Colon

-Cleanse your Blood

-De-worm your Body

-Build the Immune System




BE REACTIVE and need information how you can help Eradicate and Eliminate Sickness NOW:


-High Blood Pressure



-Skin problems


-Sexual Performance problems

-MS or Lupus

   and etc.!


**REVIEW all the HERBS and Health Resources Below to help get

You and your Family on Track because You do NOT have to be Sick!**

 Call me today.


God desires for us to PROSPER AND BE IN HEALTH, even as our soul prospers

(3 John 1:2).

This is your Time to LIVE A WEALTHY WELL LIFE!

 Blessings to you!


Rhonda "The INNERgizer"









Enjoy the benefits of overall wellness, cleansing and losing excess weight with this Iaso™ Instant TEA!

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Your Digestive Tract

 Are you Sick and Tired of being

Sick and Tired?
Experiencing a Bloated Belly, abacked up COLON, Excess fat,
Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Lupus, Ezcema, Colds, Flu, Asthma, Heart / Vision problems,
Parasites, Worms, Hoarse / Sore Throat, Arthritis, Low Energy,
Cancer, Tumors, Sexual Performance problems or more...?

Man cleansed colon

BEFORE 30-day COLON Cleasing  ......... AFTER 30-day COLON Cleansing



***Also CLICK to see this Brain Worm video from a Doctor
doing Brain Surgery on a Woman and found a living Worm hanging in/out of her Brain Tumor!



y with your OWN TRAVEL SIT one of our Millionairertners!

CALL ME FOR MORE INFO 404-889-5528


SEE these powerful Videos...

Click to hear Lung/Health testimony/Research and Comp info!
One of my Clients - Mary Gray's husband Rodney was taking 17 Medications for pain and
more is now off ALL of them because of  RVB 300 & RYL 500 with YOUNGEVITY!
TESTIMONY from Pastor Tamora in Chicago
who had Lupus and was sick and not able to get out of Bed!
She is NOW Back to Work...Writing Grants and Speaking again praise God for
His Herbs I was able to share w/her and she LISTENED!!!
(Read: Ps. 104:14  Gen. 1:29  Ez. 47:12  Hosea 4:6   2Chron. 16:7-13   2Kings 20  NLT)
The CLEANSING/Deworming HERBS Helped her tremendously!
TESTIMONY from MYLA in Fort Wayne, IN
Good Morning  Rhonda,
I just wanted to send you a praise report today, Well today is the 15th day that I have been taking the Paraway Plus and the Pau D' Arco.
I must say I had to form myself to take the herbs in the beginning just because of the fact that I Hate taking medicine didn't help any.
During the first week of taking the herbs I really didn't notice a difference in my body.But this week I can truly say that I noticed a huge difference in my legs from down to my feet. I wish I would have taken a picture of my legs prior to start the herbs because their is a significant amount of decrease in my legs! My legs and feet have not been this smaller size in years.
My doctor had me taking a water pill daily and I had stop taking the water pill because all it make me do was use the restroom. My legs would go down a little put as soon as my feet would touch the floor in the morning the would immediately begin to swell. At the end of the work day I would be in so much pain because of the swelling in my legs and feet because I stood all day teaching pre-school students. I would have to take IB profin 800mg at least twice a day for pain!  I am excited to say this week I have NOT taken any IB profin for pain and I didn't have any pain in my legs after standing all day! They didn't swell 3x's their normal size at all this week like they usually do.
On Thursday as I prepare to get dressed for a church service I went to put on my dress shoes and guess what, my shoes were too big!  They were literally flopping off my feet. When shopping for shoes I always had to get a bigger size because of the swelling in my feet. This week my gym shoes fit perfectly. Usually I would have a space opened between the tongue of the shoe and where the shoe string holes were and you could see my socks. This week their was no gape my shoes closed all the way up with room to spare.
I went to get weighed yesterday and I am 11lbs. lighter this week than I was before I started the herbs and I have not changed my eating habits!!(That will be next though.)
This is just the beginning of my praise report, I still have a long way to go. But if this all has happen in 15 days, I can't wait to see what going to happen in 30 days and more. I'm Excited about my Expected end. God bless and feel free to share my testimony with others.
With Love,



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