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(speaker/coach/business owner/ pastor/ minister/singer/


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"BOOK Baby" Consulting

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Need Help getting Your Valuable Business or Ministry Experience/

Expertise/ Wisdom/ Knowledge and

Power on Paper to the Nations?  Are YOU STUCK?




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*How MANY BOOKS are in You!

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*What Info to ADD or to TAKE OUT of the Manuscript!

*The TIMELINE to Release Them!

*The Best economical Editor/Graphic Designer!

*The Best Free Website and Payment Method to Use for your Customers!

*The Best Low cost Printer for Your Books (as low as $1.50-$3.00*)

*10+ Forms to Release Your BOOKS and Your MESSAGE!

*How to MASSIVELY MARKet Your BOOKS 21+ Ways and PROMOTE Them!

*The Planning of your BOOK SIGNINGS     and More...!





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TESTIMONIES from Past Participants!

-Ava Johnson of VA

"WOW is the first word that comes to mind - a Great Wealth of Information for a small investment!

Thank you so much Sister Rhonda White for sharing your abundance of knowledge and wealth of ideas during the "Get Moving" Teleseminar. I was richly blessed and feel motivated, inspired and ready to apply the lessons learned. You are truly an anointed woman of GOD and I look forward to your A.C.T. Coach Certification Program starting in Sept.! The word Powerful is an accurate description of you and your abilities. Thanks Again!"

-Rebecca Kashef, BSN, MA of GA

"I participated in the "Get Moving" Teleseminar by Rhonda the INNERgizer. The live instructions and resources provided gave me the courage to start my own business/new website. She is a very dynamic and informative speaker and patient trainer.  I have paid hundreds of dollars for business seminars in the past; but this seminar truly surpassed them All!  I encourage you to connect with Rhonda and sign up today to Get Moving!"



-Pamyla Floyd of GA

"I am so glad that I was able to participate on the "GET Moving!" Teleseminar.  I really really needed this information, because as you know you will hear about certain things that will help you, but the information is often incomplete and vague to say the least.  Usually I end up being more frustrated and feeling like I am going in circles; BUT tonite was Life Changing for me.  What you taught us was beyond my highest expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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