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Hello Soaring SUCCESS Partners!


This is such an exciting time for is really time to Soar Like Never Before! 


Please see the following SOARING Products (Ebooks/Books/CDs/MP3s/ etc...)

that were created to IMpact and CHANGE Your Life forever.


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"The 31 Days of PREPARATION for the Next Dimension in Your Life!"

If you're READY to Soar like never before in EVERY area of your Life - this E-Book is for "U"! Get ready for a NEW Revolution in "U" yes a RADICAL Change!!

(Fine tuning YOU Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually! )
This life-changing 31-Day Program is IMpacting millions of men and women across

the country to begin to SOAR Like Never Before in their lives. Not by any means,

is it a one-time Program but it can be completed at different intervals throughout

your life as you need to be RE-booted, RE-stored, RE-fueled and RE-freshed with

a 2nd WIND to WIN!  Many Testimonies have been received of the great value of

this 31-Day Program.  GET READY FOR A NEW REVOLUTION in "U" yes

a RADICAL CHANGE guess what...The WAIT is Over  - It's Here!












Order for just $9.95 and also Receive a Free Ebook from the List below!

ALL EBOOKS  $9.95  buy 3 get 1 free.


Florence Scovel Shinn - "The Secret Door to Success"

"The Secret to Winning Every Single Time"

"Personal Power w/TONY ROBBINS"

"Success Quotes"

"The THOUGHT-Law Book"



"Business BRANDING"

"Viral Marketing Made Easy"

"Info Products Marketing Secrets Exposed"

"List Building Strategies that Really Work"

"Mining Gold from E-blasts the Easy Way"

"Online Fortunes Marketing Answers"



"Cash Building Strategies for a SOLID Online Income"

"Internet Entrepreneurs Think and Grow Rich"

"Become a Social Traffic Powerhouse"

"Easy Cash NOW Blueprint"

"Tele-seminar and Webinar Success Secrets"

"The Making of an Internet Millionaire"

"How to Make MONEY $ on ClickBank"

"Explode Your Monthly Income"

"Google ADSense Airways"

"Using Google ADSense"

BUSINESS SUCCESS  (Home-based/MLM/Small Businesses etc.)

"Build Your Niche"

"Retail Business Riches"

"Quick Ways to Boost Your Business PROFITS"

"Building Downlines"

"The Downline Code - Explode Your Downline Using the Internet"

"Network Marketing Survival 2"

"Profitable CRAFTS"



 Book: "Clean the CLUTTER Before I Tell Your Mother!"(outer/inner)  

 Book: "EAGLE Inspirations"(over 100 Poems/Mental Treasures)  


     *Out of Copies*   Book: "DARE 2 Declare" (quotes/declarations)  

     *Out of Copies*   Book: "Men & Women STOP Going in the Tent without any Intent!" 


 CD: "Acappella Soaring Songs for the Soul"

           (Rhonda singing 16 wonderful Hymns in a medley)

 CD: "DARE 2 Declare!" (powerful declarations to affirm & confirm what you want)

 CD: "EAGLE Inspirations"  (poems/Mental Treasures within)








RHONDA'S  E-Books / MP3 Audios / Mental TREASURES:

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$59 for Members   ($99 Non-Members)

 FULL Powerful MP3  w/Q&A:  "WRITE That Book Girl or Man!!"







Five MP3s:"RelationSHIPS Connected at the HIP & the HEART for a NEW Start!"         

(5 POWERFUL Days of Teaching for Couples of all ages or those Engaged)


Couples who participated were married 42 yrs., 32 yrs., 27 yrs., 15 yrs., less than 1 yr., 6 yrs., 9 yrs...






 E-Book & Two MP3 Audios:  "Breaking the CHAINS of SICKNESS...

                                               ACT on Your Body Before IT ACTS Up on You!"







SOAR 2 More & Spend a FULL Month or 2 or 3 w/Coach Rhonda "The INNERgizer"

  Vol. I    PROJECT IMpact  Power packed Teachings to Catapult your Life forever!

  Vol. II   PROJECT IMpact     "          "             "          "      "          "       "        "

   Vol. III  PROJECT IMpact     "          "             "          "      "          "        "        "

   (Includes CDs & Manuals - these 93 Teachings will truly begin a NEW Revolution in "U")










EAGLE Inspirational Plaques (Mental Treasures):


$15.00  for  2x3 ... 4x6 ... 5x7 ... 8x10

$25.00  for   11x15

$45.00  for 16x20

(These are placed in frames of various colors - call for Info  404-552-1857 )


"Abundance is your Birthright"

"ACTion - Be a Miracle in Motion"                        "Aim High"

"Believe"                                                               "Commitment"

"Create"                                                                "Dare2Declare $1000 Blessings"

"Dare2Declare The Divine Dam of Blessings"       "Dare2Declare I am NOW Free"

"Dare2Declare I am a Divine Distribution Ctr"      "Dare2Declare I am NOW Ready to Receive"

"Dare2Declare I am so Grateful"                           "Dare2Declare The Truth"

"Dare2Declare It's Time to Thrive"                       "Dare2Declare More than Enough"

"Dare2Declare I Now Lay Aside"                           "Dare2Declare I will Praise and not Pout"

"Dare2Declare No More Debt"                              "Let Nothing Hinder Your Destiny"

"Don't You Dare Give Up"                                     "Enjoy Your Journey"

"Excellence"                                                         "Hang in There"

"I am a WISE Women (or Man) on the Rise"           "I am Confident"

"I Appreciate You"                                                "I am Purposed and Powerful"

"I'm a Victory Girl AA (Anointed/Appointed)"       "I'm Sorry"

"It's Your Season"                                                 "Laughter is a Medicine"            

"Live Life"                                                             "Life can be..."

"Permanent Health and Wealth"                            "Persistence"

"Read and Lead"                                                   "Respect"

"Retirement - Celebrate You"                               "Slap it and Strap it"

"Staff Focused"                                                    "Soaring Leaders"

"Teachers"                                                           "Thank You"

"Time don't Waste it"                                           "True Beauty Begins Within"

"Wise Planning"                                                   "You are 100K GOLD"

"You are an Eagle Women (Man)"                         "You are a Queen"

"You are Unlimited"                                             "You are the BEST"

"You Can and Will Make it"                                  "You are a Beautiful Butterfly"

"Friendship"                                                         "A Girls Day Out"

"My Sister"                                                           "You are a Light"

"Soaring Singles"                                                 "A Godly Marriage"

"Unity"                                                                 "Kingdom Marriage"

"A Comforting Prayer for You"                             "Your Angels"

"Creativity"                                                          "Create While You Wait for your Mate"

"Eagle Power"                                                      "Endless Abundance"

"True Friends are hard to find"                            "It is Finished"

"Go Forth"                                                           "God is My...."

"God is My Source"                                             "Happiness"

"I am Royalty"                                                     "I Now Long After You Oh God"

"In Appreciation"                                                "Increase...Increase...Increase"

"It's Raining FAVOR"                                           "Joy in the Morning"

"Let There Be Light"                                             "Lord Show Me The Way"

"Lord You are My Sunshine"                                "Love Is"

"Manifestations without Hesitation"                   "Overwhelming Victory is Mine"

"Peace Be Still"                                                    "Peace is..."

"Wisdom is..."                                                     "Integrity is..."

"Faith is..."                                                          "Rest in Him"

"The Peace of God"                                             "In the Presence of God is..."

"Wise On"                                                           "You're in a FIXED Fight"

"You're Never Alone"                                          "Your Future is Bright"

"Armed and Dangerous with Purpose...Peace and Power"

"The ABC's of Soaring Eagles" .....


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