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Rhonda White "The INNERgizer" speaks on PURITY PAYS PLENTY at World Changers Int'l for Women's Purity Session

Wow what a great class we had with the Women Tues. Oct. 23rd 2012 !

I shared how  

"PURITY PAYS PLENTY" (and The Process and Benefits of PURITY)!

Purity can Only take place with you are WHOLE within  - you MUST ask

God to Fill up your Holes and make you WHOLE with no parts missing!

Be sure to connect with Rhonda about the full message and what the learned

what a Powerful nite!


Call to have Rhonda a part of your next Event  1-888-435-5995.



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Great tips were given for Women of All Ages!

Remember you are Valuable RICH Queens of Purity; so no longer settle for less than God's Best for your Life!

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